Fighting Childhood Obesity

The Foundation

Sponsor a Children’s program and help change lives.

Sponsor an annual OST program $25,000
The Amenzone Foundation was formed in 2009 when our founder, Amen Iseghohi, wanted to create a program to positively impact youth in the fight against childhood obesity. The Amenzone Foundation received its nonprofit 501c3 status in 2011 and has served nearly 30 youth and teen out-of-school-time (OST) programs focused on fitness, nutrition, self-esteem and an overall healthy lifestyle.

Today, The Amenzone Foundation is focused on reducing childhood obesity and its risk factors in underserved communities throughout Arizona, the United States and eventually reaching other countries. The Amenzone Foundation partners with established out-of-school-time (OST) organizations offering their membership comprehensive programs led by an Amenzone certified trainer. A third party healthcare specialist is also provided for BMI and health testing as well as data collection. In addition, continuous communication is provided to the children and their families to assist in sustaining healthier lifestyles.

The Amenzone Foundation provides a unique approach. It is simple, low cost, primal, fun, energetic yet leverages national childhood obesity resource. For a list of our resources please click here. Thanks to the generosity of our partners, The Amenzone Foundation is able to help in the fight on the epidemic of childhood obesity and build healthier communities.