“Both academics as well as behavior improved for students that participated. On average, scores in both math and reading increased by 5%. Referrals were reduced by over 70%. In fact, of all the students that participated in the program, only 2 received referrals during the Time of the program. Since the end of the program, not one student that was in AMENZONE has received an office referral.” - Scott Winters, Principal, Atkinson Middle School

”Amenzone has been excellent! It really gives the kids a positive outlet after school.” - Brian Collier, Counselor, Castro Middle School

“Besides it sending an amazing message, the staff believes in the impact they are making. I believe the tempo for how people work starts and the top and trickles down. As a staff member of Amenzone I feel nothing less than inspired by the people I am working for.” - Erica Drake, Trainer, Amenzone Foundation

“I think, Amenzone has created a unique yet fun way for individuals to workout. It has provided myself as well as the youth I work with an outlet to be creative while staying active.” - Johnell Murphy, Youth Activities Specialist, UMOM New Day Centers

“It makes me happy coming to work, knowing that by teaching kids how to exercise, eat properly and believe in themselves I am making a difference.” - Arthur Amodeo, Trainer, Amenzone Foundation

“Amenzone is a great program, to teach and encourage the kids to be active and healthy in a very humble way is awesome; and the staff they bring in are always positive.” - Andres Posada, Health and PE Director, Boys & Girls Club of Gilbert

“Bringing Amenzone to the Boys & Girls Club East Valley Gilbert Branch has been a very positive experience on our staff and members.” - Lauren Leverette, Gilbert Branch Executive

“Amenzone is an excellent program that not only focuses on exercise and nutrition, but motivates our kids with inspirational words and quotes. What separates Amenzone from other programs is the self-esteem messages given not through just exercise, but by the coaches and the leadership skills built in every session.” - Alex Rivera, Youth Development Director, Boys & Girls Club of Gilbert

“The Amenzone Foundation is an outlet for kids to be kids! While being kids, they learn fun ways to stay active and learn the importance of living a healthy lifestyle. I love being able to be a part of such an amazing and inspirational program.” - Julia Thompson, Trainer, Amenzone Foundation

“The Amenzone Foundation has been working with our teens for over a year. They not only provide participants with an exercise routine, they also teach them proper nutrition, encourage them with affirmations and their regular attendance provides stability for our kids. The population of youth at our shelter are at a greater risk of developing obesity as well as dropping out of school. By teaching our youth a healthy lifestyle and serving as positive role models, the Amenzone Foundation helps us combat these risks. The Amenzone staff come to every session determined to make a difference and it is clear that the Amenzone Foundation truly cares about the youth they serve.” - Sara Jensen, Youth Services, Coordinator UMOM New Day Centers

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